Our Mission

At Walababy, our mission is to provide infants and toddlers with the highest quality sun protective clothing made from sustainable bamboo fibers. We are dedicated to offering parents peace of mind by delivering UPF 50+ certified garments that shield delicate skin from harmful UV rays without compromising on comfort or style. Through our commitment to sustainability and innovation, we strive to create a skin safe future, one bamboo garment at a time.

Our Vision

At Walababy, our vision is to revolutionize baby clothing by integrating sun protection into every garment, without sacrificing style or sustainability. We envision a world where parents can confidently dress their little ones in sun protective clothing made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers, ensuring maximum comfort and safety during outdoor adventures. Through our dedication to innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility, we aspire to become the go-to brand for families seeking stylish and reliable sun protection for their precious babies."

Meet Ashly

You'll learn something about me right away -- I'm pale and sunburns were a regular part of my growing up. By the time I was 10, I had already had two blistering sunburns. And to this day, I live with the reality that I am more than twice as likely to get skin cancer because of it.

When I had my daughter (who is shockingly paler than I), I knew sun protection was going to huge priority. My family and I live in Colorado and being outdoors is second nature. Knowing I couldn't put sun screen on my daughter until she was 6 month, I set out to find a wardrobe full of sun protective clothing...except I couldn't. Options were so limited so I set out to build my own.

Driven by my passion for protecting my daughter and inspired by the versatility and eco-friendliness of bamboo fabric, I embarked on a mission to create a brand that prioritizes safety, functionality, and sustainability. Thus, Walababy was born. I hope you love it as much as I do.