Sun Protective Bamboo Clothing For the Smallest Of Us

Everyday protection for your baby's delicate skin. Simplicity for you.

The Walababy Difference

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Rigorously Tested

Walababy's bamboo is woven to be sun protective. UPF 50+ protection guaranteed for the life of the garment as set by ASTM/AATCC standards.

Let’s make going outside simple and safe

Say goodbye to messy sunscreen applications. Our sun protective clothing offers a smart solution to safeguard your little one from harmful UV rays. Crafted from breathable bamboo fabric, our collection provides UPF 50+ protection while keeping your baby cool and comfortable. Embrace the sun safely with our trusted sun protective wear – because your baby's safety always comes first.

What The Skin Cancer Foundation Recommends

"Just one blistering sunburn in childhood more than doubles a person's chances of developing melanoma later in life. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends waiting until the baby is 6 months old before introducing sunscreen. The best ways to keep infants sun safe are with shade and sun protective clothing. Sun protective clothing is the first line of defense against skin cancer, and dressing babies in lightweight clothing that covers their arms and legs is a great first sun protection step."

A Note From Our Founder

You may have noticed there aren’t any pictures of babies on our website — which I know is different than what you see from most baby brands. When my daughter was around one, I decided to stop posting photos of her online. It was a personal choice I made knowing that I wanted her to create her digital footprint in her own way when she was old enough. I decided to do the same with Walababy. We choose not to feature babies or children in our marketing materials. Our focus remains on providing top-quality sun-protective clothing while safeguarding children's identities. Thank you for supporting our commitment to keeping kids safe, both on and offline.

Rigorously Tested

We treat every baby like they are our own and your baby's safety is our top priority. That's why we go above and beyond by testing our bamboo rompers not once, but twice. UPF 50+ protection guaranteed for the life of the garment as set by ASTM/AATCC standards.

A Sun Savior for My Little One!

As a parent who's always conscious about protecting my baby from harmful UV rays, this bamboo sun protective romper has been a game-changer! The fabric feels incredibly soft against my baby's skin, and I love knowing that it's providing UPF 50+ protection.



Discover The Secret of Baby Comfort

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Soft Fabric

Experience the unmatched softness of bamboo against your baby's delicate skin.

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Cool and Breathable

Bamboo's natural breathability keeps your baby cool and comfortable all day long.

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Protection on the Go 

Sun protective clothing is essential for shielding your baby from harmful UV rays, ensuring their safety during outdoor playtime.

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Bamboo is eco-friendly, being one of the fastest-growing plants on earth and requiring minimal resources to thrive.

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